4660 West Walton Blvd
Waterford, MI 48329


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 Customer Reviews 

Summer G:

I've been coming here since I was a little girl. My mom used to bring me here for all my clothing and now that I'm older I still shop here because of the name brands they carry. The prices are good and they buy clothing also but she is very picky about what she takes:)

Renee L:

I have been going to Sax 59 for over 10 years, and the value of the clothes are a great value. She does not take stained or torn clothing, This is not the Salvation Army where she gets stuff for free. She pays 40% of what she sells it for and you get the cash up front unless you put it on consignment, and she will pay you 50% after it sells. She is very particular about what she takes in, and if a stain or tear is not caught she will mark it down half price. She sells only stuff from 2 years and newer. You must follow the sheet exactly. That's why her stuff is such good quality. If clothes are not sold within 60 days they get marked down half price and if they don't sell 60 days after that they are donated to charity, and she loses money, but it goes to a good cause. I have enjoyed going into her store, not because of the name brands, but because of the great prices. If you have children (especially teens) you would understand. I give it a thumbs-up!

Cindy F:

She is very picky about what she takes but that's great when your buying clothing.I bought at Sax when my children were little and now I buy for my grandchildren. Times are tough. It's good to see that Sax is still around after all these years!

Open 421:

I've been shopping there for years and I love the new location. Things are a lot easier to find. My daughters love the name brands and I love the prices. I take things there too. She is very fair. I have been to other shops and she paid the most money and took the most. I've been very happy all around.
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